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Thursday 9th November 2023

IMO release a number of new edition publications

IMO have released a number of new edition publications throughout 2023, with the latest impending release being the GMDSS Manual, expected to be available as a digital eBook before the end of this year, with the physical hard copy to follow in early 2024. That title will follow the just newly released editions of both the IMSBC Code and Life-Saving Appliances Code, with these two titles following the latest edition of the MARPOL Annex VI and NTC 2008 that became available a little earlier this year.

The MARPOL Annex VI and NTC 2008, IMSBC Code and Life-Saving Appliances Code are available now from us here at Todd Navigation in both a physical format, you can find them on this website simply by searching for the title in the search bar above, and digitally as an eBook via our ToddNav SeaReader software, which you are welcome to enquire about if you wish to get in touch via telephone, email or the contact us page.

GMDSS Manual

The GMDSS Manual provides, in a single comprehensive publication, an explanation of the principles upon which the GMDSS is based, the radiocommunication requirements and recommendations for its implementation, the operational performance standards and technical specifications to be met by GMDSS equipment, and the procedures for and method of operation of the various radio services which form the GMDSS and the Master Plan for the GMDSS.

Life-Saving Appliances Code

This publication contains the three most important IMO instruments dealing with life-saving appliances, namely the International Life-Saving Appliance (LSA) Code, the Revised Recommendation on Testing of Life-Saving Appliances and the Code of Practice for Evaluation, Testing and Acceptance of Prototype Novel Life-Saving Appliances. It provides international requirements for the life-saving appliances required by chapter III of the 1974 SOLAS Convention, including personal life-saving appliances like lifebuoys, lifejackets, immersion suits, anti-exposure suits and thermal protective aids; visual aids, such as parachute flares, hand flares and buoyant smoke signals; survival craft, such as life rafts and lifeboats; rescue boats; launching and embarkation appliances and marine evacuation systems line throwing appliances; and general alarm and public address systems.

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IMSBC Code and Supplement

The International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code (IMSBC Code), adopted on 4 December 2008 by resolution MSC.268(85), entered into force on 1 January 2011, from which date it was made mandatory under the provisions of the SOLAS Convention. The present edition incorporates Amendment 07-23, which may be applied from 1 January 2024 on a voluntary basis, anticipating its envisaged official entry into force on 1 January 2025. 

This publication also presents additional information that supplements the IMSBC Code, such as the Code of Practice for the Safe Loading and Unloading of Bulk Carriers (BLU Code), BLU Manual and recommendations on the safe use of pesticides in ships applicable to the fumigation of cargo holds. The IMSBC Code and supplement is commended to Administrations, shipowners, shippers and masters and all others concerned with the standards to be applied in the safe stowage and shipment of solid bulk cargoes, excluding grain.

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MARPOL Annex VI and NTC 2008

MARPOL Annex VI, Regulations for the prevention of air pollution from ships, covers the requirements in respect of both emissions to air (chapter 3) and energy efficiency (chapter 4). The requirements for control of nitrogen oxides (NOx), given by chapter 3, are supplemented by the mandatory NOx Technical Code 2008 which covers the testing, survey and certification of marine diesel engines. 

This publication is intended to be of use to maritime administrations, recognized organizations, shipping companies, classification societies, educational institutes, shipbuilders and equipment manufacturers together with others with an interest in the prevention of air pollution from ships and in the technical and operational measures to improve the energy efficiency of ships.

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