Todd Navigation and Brexit

Monday 27th February 2023

Thinking about making a purchase with Todd Navigation but unsure about Brexit and Customs Charges? 

Due to the unique position of Northern Ireland, the Windsor Framework means that Northern Ireland has in effect remained in the EU's single market for goods. This means that the trade of goods between Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland & the rest of the EU will continue unaffected, with no change at the border, no new paperwork and no tariffs or regulatory checks. 

Northern Ireland businesses, such as ourselves, therefore will have unfettered access to the whole UK market as well as a guaranteed ability to trade freely within the EU market.
This means at the checkout, what you see is what you get, there are no extra hidden charges for our customers based in any of the EU member states.

So, if you are based in the EU and have previously ordered from the UK and have encountered issues while purchasing such as delays and extra costs due to Brexit, you will not encounter these issues with Todd Navigation due to the special status of Northern Ireland, as outlined above.

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