Pay as you sail. With this brilliant software you can use NECs free of charge for planning. You only pay once your vessel enters the cell coverage area!

Pay as you sail

The main principle of ToddNav PAYS is to allow access to a full set of charts for viewing and planning without being charged for the chart cells.

The vessel is charged for the ENC cells once it navigates through them. Any charts viewed and not used are not charged for.

The vessel is supplied with an extensive set of cell permits and they are immediately available for use with the ECDIS. 

As there is no need to order permits prior to route planning, safety and compliance on board are increased and administration is reduced. In the event of a sudden or emergency change of route, ToddNav PAYS will save you time and keep you compliant.

The service

The PAYS service is solely concerned with ToddNav PAYS cell permit management. It is not part of any other system, e.g. the ECDIS, passage planning system, etc.

The service is totally independent of proprietary chart display or navigation technology.

Individual vessels are tracked and their positions determine which cells are being used. When a vessel track crosses a cell, it is assumed that the cell is used for navigation and reported as such.

Simply and easy

PAYS uses shore-based vessel tracking and each vessel is supplied with a satellite GPS antenna.

The antenna simply needs a view of the sky and connecting to a 9-32V DC power supply. No other software or internet connection is required. At pre-programmed intervals, the antenna transmits position reports via satellite (Inmarsat).

As the vessel position data becomes available, it is collected from the antenna and stored in a database and it's automatically analyzed and reported back to the ENC server or the shipping company.

Any existing ECDIS on the vessel can continue to be used as normal; and it will now have access to the full ToddNav PAYS portfolio of charts.

ToddNav PAYS can be used on ECS - Non-approved ECDIS as long as it is using ENC charts.

Update for ToddNav PAYS

Makes the updating of AVCS easy. It uses compression technology to significantly reduce the amount of data transferred in PAYS.

Download the PAYS Brochure for more information.

8 Reasons to use ToddNav PAYS

  • Automatic ordering of charts  
  • Full chart portfolio always on board
  • Works with all ECDIS types
  • Free viewing of ENCs
  • No installation needed
  • Plug-and-use antenna
  • No internet connection needed
  • Compliant in the event of emergency route changes

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