Small Craft Charts

The UKHO have replaced ADMIRALTY Leisure Chart Folios with ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts. These Small Craft Charts, A2 in size, support coastal navigation around the UK and a large part of Ireland. Quality assured by maritime experts at the UKHO, charts in the Small Craft Chart series contain appropriate coverage and scales to help leisure yachtsmen, motorboat cruisers, ocean racing skippers and other leisure mariners maintain safety of life at sea.

What this change means is that with the release of the ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts, all the charts that previously made up the ADMIRALTY Leisure Chart Folios are now available for purchase individually. They are printed on demand, meaning each and every chart is right up to date from the point of supply. Corrections will still need to be applied to these charts as and when they become available, but it will be future corrections only, unlike the Leisure Chart Folios, which were released as new editions approximately every 2-3 years and unless purchased on the day of release you the mariner would have had to bring them up to date with previous corrections as soon as you received them to ensure that they were safe to use. 

The ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts have a recommended retail price (RRP) of £15.00 per A2 sized sheet, however, a multibuy discount pricing structure is in place for customers that purchase multiple charts in a single transaction as outlined below:

  • 5-9 charts receive 35% discount
  • 10-14 charts receive 65% discount
  • 15+ charts receive 75% discount

Please note that you can enquire about purchasing any number of the ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts across any of what formerly would have been the ADMIRALTY Leisure Chart Folios and still benefit from the discount structure above. The reasoning behind this is that a mariner may not require all the charts in one particular folio, so you now have the freedom to pick and choose the charts you really need from any and all of the folios.

Click on the link below to browse any of the charts from the full ADMIRALTY Small Craft Chart catalogue and contact us via telephone, email or the contact us page on this website should you be interested in purchasing any:

Explore ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts

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