NV Chart Atlas - Serie 6 Poland - Lithuanua - Latvia


Thanks to the clear structure of NV Chart Serie 6 the skipper can quickly find approaches, harbours and anchorages, as well as important navigational details.

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Plans include Passage Charts S0 Stockholm - Riga - Helsinki 1:250,000 S1 Kolberg to Riga 1:1.250,000 S2 Bay of Gdansk to Gotland 1:520,000 S3 Dievenow to Ustka 1:240,000 S4 Ustka to Hel 1:240,000 S5 Bay of Gdansk 1:240,000 S6 Mys Taran to Sventoji 1:240,000 S7 Sventoji to Uzava 1:240,000 S8 Uzava to Street of Irbes 1:240,000 S9 Street of Irbes to Ruhnu 1:240,000 S10 Bay of Riga 1:240,000 Coastal Charts S12 Approach to Gdansk 1:80,000 S13 Gdansk to Wisla Smiala 1:25,000 S14 Curonia Lagoon 1:80,000 S15/5 Baltijsk 1:20,000 S17/1 Ventspils 1:30,000 S18 Riga 1:30,000 Details S11/1 Darlowo (Rugenwalde) 1:10,000 S11/2 Mrzezyno (Ost - Deep) 1:10,000 S11/3 Kolobrzeg (Kolberg) 1:10,000 S11/4 Ustka (Stolpmunde) 1:10,000 S11/5 Leba 1:10,000 S11/6 Wladyslawowo (Grobendorf) 1:10,000 S11/7 Sopot 1:10,000 S11/8 Gdynia (Gdingen) 1:5,000 S11/9 Puck (Putzig) 1:5,000 S11/10 Jastarnia (Heisternest) 1:10,000 S11/11 Kuznica 1:12,000 S11/12 Hel (Hela) 1:5,000 S13A Gdansk City Harbour 1:5,000 S13B Wisla Smiala 1:15,000 S15/1 Liepaja 1:15,000 S15/2 Nida (Nidden) 1:5,000 S15/3 Sventoji 1:10,000 S15/4 Klaipeda Old Castle Hbr. 1:5,000 S16 Klaipeda Harbour 1:15,000 S17/2 Pavilosta (Paulshafen) 1:10,000 S17/3 Kuivizi 1:5,000 S17/4 Ruhnu 1:5,000 S17/5 Roja 1:10,000 S17/6 Mersrags 1:10.000 S17/7 Engure 1:5.000 S17/8 Skulte 1:5.000 S17/9 Salacgriva 1:10.000 Series 6 covers the entire Baltic coast from the Polish seaside resort of Dievenow across the Bay of Gdansk to Kaliningrad Klaipeda in Lithuania and Riga in Latvia all the way to the Estonian border. This beautiful coastline is still quite untouched and offers space for your personal adventure - here you can wonderfully combine landscape with culture. This map will help you get to know the Baltic States and possibly travel further to Estonia or Finland.
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