NV Chart Atlas - IT1 Italy - Menton to Elba

Code: ANVIT1

Thanks to the clear structure of NV Chart IT1 the skipper can quickly find approaches, harbours and anchorages, as well as important navigational details.

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Plans include: Passage Charts C0 Mallorca to Sicily 1:1,750,000 C2 Gulf of Genoa 1:350,000 C3 Genoa to Elba 1:350,000 C4 Corsica Channel 1:350,000 Coastal Charts C5 Cap Martin to Capo Noli 1:150,000 C6 Capo Noli to Portofino 1:150,000 C7 Portofino to La Spezia 1:150,000 C8 La Spezia to Livorno 1:150,000 C9 Tuscan Islands North 1:150,000 C10 Piombino to Elba 1:150,000 C11 Cap Martin to Capo dell'Arma 1:60,000 C12 Capo dell'Arma to Capo Mele 1:60,000 C13 Capo Mele to Pta. Donato 1:60,000 C14 Pta. Donato to Pta. d'Invrea 1:60,000 C15 Pta. d'Invrea to Genoa 1:60,000 C16 Genoa to Pta. Manara 1:60,000 C17 La Spezia to Carrara 1:60,000 C18 Pisa to Pta. Fortullino 1:60,000 C19A Isola di Gorgona 1:30,000 C19B Capraia 1:60,000 C19C Pta. Fortullino to Cecina 1:60,000 C20 Elba West 1:60,000 C21 Canale di Piombino - Elba East 1:60,000 Details C22A Menton 1:12,000 C22B San Remo 1:12,000 C22C Marina Degli Aregai 1:12,000 C22D Marina di San Lorenzo 1:10,000 C22E Imperia 1:12,000 C22F Andora 1:6,000 C22G Alassio 1:6,000 C23A Loano 1:10,000 C23B Finale Ligure 1:6,000 C23C Savona 1:12,000 C23D Varazze 1:6,000 C23E Arenzano 1:6,000 C23F Genoa Sestra Ponente 1:12,000 C24A Genoa West 1:20,000 C24B Genoa East 1:20,000 C25A Portofino to Rapallo 1:15,000 C25B Genoa - Porto Vecchio 1:12,000 C25C Chiavari & Lavagna 1:12,000 C26 La Spezia 1:20,000 C27A Sestri Levante 1:12,000 C27B Marina di Carrara 1:12,000 C27C Viareggio 1:12,000 C27D Porto di Pisa 1:6,000 C27E Livorno 1:12,000 C27F Marina Cala de Medici 1:6,000 C27G Porto di Cecina 1:10,000 C28A San Vincenzo 1:6,000 C28B Salivoli 1:6,000 C28C Puntone di Scarlino 1:6,000 C28D Porto Capraia 1:6,000 C29A Marciana Marina 1:6,000 C29B Cavo 1:10,000 C29C Portoferraio 1:12,000 C29D Pta.Ala Marina 1:12,000 C29E Porto Azzurro 1:12,000 C29F Marina di Campo 1:6,000 C29G Rio Marina 1:6,000 Anyone traveling from the Côte d’Azur to the Italian Riviera should have the IT1 in their luggage. La Dolce Vita presents itself here especially in the harbours. Porto Sole in San Remo is - from France - the first port that you can approach. From the water, the rugged coast and the enchanting sea villages have a special charm. One of the most beautiful places is Finale Ligure on the Palm Riviera. Along the coast there are delightful harbours and the usual Bagnos on the beaches in Italy. What also attracts is the sixth largest city in Italy, Genoa - the birthplace of Christopher Columbus - in which there are many berths in the inner city area. Also worth a detour is Portofino, located in the Gulf of Tigullio, a picturesque fishing village that became famous as a society hotspot. Famous seaside resorts such as Rapello and Sestri Levante follow until you reach the Cinque Terre coast, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a large Tuscan port city, Livorno with ferry connections to Bastia, Barcelona and Tangier also has many berths. This set of charts also include two offshore islands: Gorgona, the seat of an agricultural penal colony that can only be visited with a reservation, and Capraia, the only volcanic island in the Tuscan archipelago. As the last destination of this set of charts, you should pay a visit to the third largest Italian island of Elba, which has six harbours and numerous anchorages and is very popular among sailors. Thanks to the clear structure the skipper can quickly find approaches, harbours and anchorages and is informed of important navigational details that also appear in the NV Charts app. The chart series impresses with its optimal scales and balanced sheet cuts.
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