Want to purchase ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts?

ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts have a unique pricing structure in that the more you purchase in a single transaction, the greater the discount on the final price you pay, it is known as quantity break multibuy discounts. Unfortunately, we are still developing this website so that we can have the pricing apply automatically when ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts are placed into your cart, but it is not in place yet. 

Therefore, the alternative way for you to purchase these charts at present is to make a list of the charts you want and then contact us directly via telephone on +442891 466640 or by email using todd@toddnav.com, or the contact us page on this website, providing us with your list of charts, as well as a delivery address. A quotation will then be provided for you to review, and if approved, will then be converted to a Sales Order. Payment can be taken safely and securely via various options, which we will provide details of when a request for charts has been made. To give you peace of mind, our payment options follow strict GDPR rules and regulations, as well as company policy. 

Just to provide you with a reminder of the pricing structure for ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts, each individual chart is usually priced at £15 RRP, however when a request is made through the website for this product, our sales price starts at £13.50 per chart, with the multibuy discounts applying to this amount per chart should a certain level of discount apply to your request. 

The pricing therefore goes as follows: 

  • 1-4 ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts are £13.50 each 
  • 5-9 ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts are £13.50 each minus 35% 
  • 10-14 ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts are £13.50 each minus 65% 
  • 15+ ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts are £13.50 each minus 75% 

Check out the ADMIRALTY Small Craft Chart catalogue here and get in touch.

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