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Imray Chart - C30 Harwich to Hoek van Holland and Dover Strait


EditionMAR 2022
Stock CodeC30
Size787 x 1118mm
FormatWaterproof. Folded in plastic wallet.

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Imray Chart Atlas - 2000 Suffolk and Essex Coasts

Imray Chart Atlas - 2000 Suffolk and Essex Coasts


The pack includes:

A convenient A2 format chart pack of Suffolk and Essex Coasts covering the waters from the River Crouch to Lowestoft. The pack is provided in a sturdy plastic wallet.

This fully revised and extended edition of our popular 2000 Suffolk and Essex Coasts chart pack has been redesigned and expanded to 11 sheets, including improved coverage of Lowestoft and its approaches.

The latest official UKHO data has been used and combined with additional information sourced from Imray's network to make it ideal for small craft. The chart pack includes all the navigational charts and tidal data for passage, approach, and mooring, and is designed to be used alongside East Coast Pilot by Garth Cooper and Dick Holness.

2000.1 Foulness Point to Harwich (1:120 000)

2000.2 Rivers Ore and Alde (1:35 000)

2000.3 River Deben and Orford Haven (1:35 000) Plan: Woodbridge (1:15 000)

2000.4 Harwich Approaches and Walton Backwaters (1:35 000) Plan: Titchmarsh Marina (1:12 500)

2000.5 Rivers Stour and Orwell (1:35 000) Plans: Upper Orwell to Ipswich (1:20 000), Fox’s Marina (1:10 000), Woolverstone Marina (1:10 000), Suffolk Yacht Harbour (1:15 000), Shotley Marina (1:10 000)

2000.6 River Blackwater (1:35 000) Plans: Maldon (1:20 000), Tollesbury Marina (1:12 500), Bradwell Marina (1:12 500)

2000.7 River Colne (1:35 000) Plans: Wivenhoe (1:20 000), Brightlingsea (1:15 000)

2000.8 River Crouch Entrance (1:35 000)

2000.9 Rivers Crouch & Roach (1:35 000) Plans: Burnham Yacht Harbour (1:12 500), River Crouch continuation to Battlesbridge (1:35 000)

2000.10 Harwich to Lowestoft (1:125 000) Plan: Southwold Harbour (1:12 500)

2000.11 Lowestoft Approaches (1:35 000) Plan: Lowestoft Harbour (1:10 000)

Imray Digital Charts: Free mobile download A voucher code to download the relevant Imray digital charts into our Imray Navigator app is included with this atlas.

Printed and corrected to October 2022.

Imray Chart Atlas - 2120 North Sea

Imray Chart Atlas - 2120 North Sea


Nieuwpoort to Den Helder (including North Sea Passage Planning sheet) 2120.1 North Sea Coast - Nieuwpoort to Hoek Van Holland (1:300,000) 2120.2 North Sea Coast - Hoek van Holland to Texel (1:300,000) 2120.3 Approaches to Nieuwpoort and Oostende (1:100,000) includes plans Niewpoort (1:30,000) and Oostende (1:20,000) 2120.4 Oostende to Westkapelle (1:100,000) includes plans Blankenberge (1:15,000) and Zeebrugge (1:35,000) 2120.5 Entrance to the Westerschelde (1:50,000) includes plans Breskens (1:15,000), Vlissingen (1:20,000) and Cadzand-Bad (1:10,000) 2120.6 Westkapelle to Westhoofd (1:100,000) includes plan Roompotsluis (1:30,000) 2120.7 West Schouwen to Hoek van Holland (1:100,000) includes plan Stellendam (1:30,000) 2120.8 Hoek van Holland to IJmuiden (1:125,000) includes plans Scheveningen (1:15,000) and IJmuiden (1:35,000) 2120.9 IJmuiden to Den Helder (1:125,000) 2120.10 Approaches to Den Helder (1:50,000) includes plan Den Helder (1:20,000) 2120.11 Southern North Sea passage planning chart (1:500,000) Part of Imray's popular small format chart coverage for the Netherlands, this atlas is a convenient A2 format, wirobound along one edge. Coverage is the North Sea coast, from the Belgian-French border, through the Zeeland, South Holland and North Holland coasts up to and including Den Helder. Included in the atlas are all of the navigational charts and tidal data required for coastal passage and approach. Also included is a larger-format passage planning sheet for plotting routes across the North Sea. This 2020 edition has been fully updated throughout. The latest depth surveys and windfarm details are displayed, and the Roompotsluis plan has been extended. Imray Digital Charts: Free mobile download A voucher code to download ID80 Imray Netherlands charts into the Imray Navigator app is included with this atlas.

Cruising Guide to the Netherlands

Cruising Guide to the Netherlands


This is the fifth editon of 'Cruising Guide to the Netherlands' which was first published in 1988. It is regarded as the authoritative companion for anyone cruising the Netherlands using fixed mast routes. Brian Navin's guide is based on popular selected routes which offer an opportunity to visit most of the regions of the Netherlands from the estuary of the Schelde up to the IJsselmeer and Waddensee. This new edition follows the same pattern, and includes corrections and updates that have accumulated since the fourth edition was published. This includes amended harbour plans and new photographs taken by the author. 'Cruising Guide to the Netherlands' is one of a well established series of guides from Brian Navin.

7th Edition now available
North Sea Passage Pilot

North Sea Passage Pilot


Readers of Imray’s East Coast Pilot will need no introduction to Garth Cooper whose familiarity with North Sea passage-making is evident in the practical guidance he gives.

Under his authorship, this edition has been restructured to reflect the changing nature of passages across the North Sea. As well as a consideration of the various Traffic Separation Schemes, routes take into account the many new offshore windfarms and oil and gas extraction platforms.

As its name suggests, the emphasis of this pilot is on the passage routes, whether taking a more direct line between the UK and the Continent or incorporating hops along the East Coast and the adjacent coasts of France, Belgium and Holland. Pilotage is included for a selection of key ports. Updated plans and numerous new photographs help to illustrate the key features to help guide you across this challenging yet rewarding stretch of water.

East Coast Pilot - Great Yarmouth to Ramsgate

East Coast Pilot - Great Yarmouth to Ramsgate


East Coast Pilot has become the bible for cruising sailors for the waters between Great Yarmouth and Ramsgate. Not only does it cover the many harbours, rivers and creeks in a clear and concise manner, it also reveals some of the mysteries of sailing these shallow and shifting coastal waters. Both authors keep their boats on the East Coast and are life-long lovers of the area. They maintain that every time they cast off and take to the water, they learn something new, adding to the considerable wealth of experience which they have passed on enthusiastically over many years.

For clarity and ease of reference the book is laid out in a logical sequence- each estuary, river and port has its own chapter which starts with the key information to get you in to that chosen destination. Box panels give key waypoints, port and harbour contact details, plus information about the main boating facilities a crew could need. Further pages will entice you in as far as the limit of navigation. Essential information is backed up by Imray cartography, the authors' own sea-level photography giving you a clear view of what you should see, and aerial photographs which offer a useful visual perspective on what lies ahead.

Unique to East Coast Pilot are 'rolling road' diagrams to guide the approach. These were introduced to great acclaim in the first edition and show buoyage sequences and tracks to steer into rivers and ports.

Updates are published on the East Coast Pilot website here.

Imray Digital Charts: Free mobile download A voucher code to download the relevant Imray digital charts into the Imray Navigator app is included with this book.

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