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Imray Chart Pack - 2200 The Solent


EditionAPR 2022
Stock Code2200
FormatLooseleaf in plastic wallet

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Imray Chart Atlas - 2300 Dorset and Devon Coasts

Imray Chart Atlas - 2300 Dorset and Devon Coasts


The Needles to Start Point including Poole Harbour 2300.1 Isle of Wight to Start Point 1:325,000 WGS 84 2300.2 Western Approaches to the Solent 1:60,000 WGS 84 2300.3 Poole Harbour to Bill of Portland 1:75,000 WGS 84 2300.4 Dorset Plans 1:Various WGS 84 A Weymouth Harbour 1:7,500 B Lulworth Cove 1:4,500 C Worbarrow Bay 1:15,000 D Swanage Bay 1:12,500 E Portland Harbour 1:20,000 F Chapman's Pool 1:14,500 2300.5 Lyme Bay 1:175,000 WGS 84 A Lyme Regis 1:10,000 B Bridport Harbour 1:5,000 2300.6 Poole Harbour West 1:20,000 WGS 84 A Moriconium Quay & Lake Yard Marina 1:3,000 2300.7 Poole Harbour East 1:20,000 WGS 84 A Salterns Marina 1:10,000 B Continuation of Studland Bay 1:20,000 2300.8 River Exe 1:21,500 WGS 84 A Exmouth Dock 1:7,500 B River Exe continuation to Exeter 1:21,500 2300.9 Exmouth to Salcombe 1:100,000 WGS 84 2300.10 Teignmouth and Tor Bay 1:55,000 WGS 84 A Teignmouth Harbour 1:12,500 B Torquay Harbour 1:7,700 C Paignton Harbour 1:7,500 D Brixham Harbour 1:10,000 2300.11 River Dart 1:15,000 WGS 84 A Kingswear 1:6,250 B Continuation to Totnes 1:27,500 On this edition the latest depth surveys have been included. The River Dart chart has been re-schemed to show larger scale coverage of Kingswear and Dartmouth. For this edition tidal stream information is included. There has been general updating throughout. Individual sheets of this atlas will no longer be sold separately. However, charts of Y39, Y40 and Y41 have been published that replicate charts 2300.6 & 7, 2300.8 and 2300.10 respectively. These are part of the 'small format Y chart series' that mirror coverage from the corresponding atlas and are A2 size, you will find these charts listed below in the related products section. Imray Digital Charts: Free mobile download A voucher code to download ID20 Imray English Channel charts into the Imray Navigator app is included with this atlas.

The Shell Channel Pilot

The Shell Channel Pilot


For more than 80 years The Shell Channel Pilot has been the ultimate authority on English Channel navigation and pilotage. Following the pioneering work of the legendary Adlard Coles, the book was passed to Captain John Coote RN in 1982. In his comparatively short, ten-year tenure, John Coote expanded the coverage from the English coast to include northern France. He also applied a characteristic humour to the shoreside aspect of the text which has been enthusiastically adopted by Tom Cunliffe, the present and third compiler of this unique work. This is a revised 8th edition published by Imray under Cunliffe's hand.

'Shell' is more than a harbour guide. It also provides a reassuring hand on the shoulder for Channel navigation, with useful passage notes gleaned from the compiler's personal experience of more than 40 years running the tides and finding the eddies. His frank remarks regarding harbour and recreational facilities have long been relied upon by sailors of all generations and nationalities. While leading to some enlightening secrets, they have been known to cause landlords whose establishments fall short of the required standard to lose the will to live.

Working with harbourmasters and a dedicated group of carefully selected yachtsmen and women, Cunliffe has kept this pilot as up to date as is humanly possible. More than being technically sound, which is to be expected from a Yachtmaster Examiner, the book is also a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Imray Digital Charts: Free mobile download A voucher code to download the relevant Imray digital charts into Imray Navigator (the Imray app for iOS and Android) is included with the paper edition of this book.

The Cruising Almanac 2022

The Cruising Almanac 2022


The Cruising Almanac has long been the perfect onboard companion for cruising sailors. It was first published in 1909 as Sailing Directions within the Cruising Association Handbook. Almost a century later, in 2002, it became the Cruising Almanac, published by Imray, that we all recognise today. This 2022 edition, introduced by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, CBE, Patron of the Cruising Association, marks the 20th Anniversary of the partnership between the Cruising Association and Imray.

Compiled annually by a team of Cruising Association editors and Imray, the Almanac covers Northwest Europe from the Shetlands in the north to Gibraltar in the south and from the Baltic in the east to the west coast of Ireland. Based on first-hand experience and official data, all the content, including text, plans and tidal data, is checked and updated for each new edition. Over 750 port entries sit alongside readily identifiable blue boxed passage notes, enabling easy access to the information you need, both for passage planning and whilst at sea.

2022 tide tables for 47 standard ports are included in a separate booklet. The main Almanac contains tidal stream diagrams: full tidal details for secondary ports are included with the text for the relevant port.

Updating of the Almanac continues throughout the year, with corrections published monthly on the Cruising Association website Almanac corrections page.

Imray Chart - C15 The Solent

Imray Chart - C15 The Solent


Printed and corrected to April 2022.

Covering one of the most popular sailing areas in Britain, The Solent chart provides all the information needed for planning and navigating this stretch of water.

This edition includes the latest official UKHO data, combined with additional information sourced from Imray's network to make it ideal for small craft. The latest racing buoy information is included and the chart has been fully revised throughout.

Plans included:

River Hamble (1:12 500)
River Itchen (1:12 500)
Hythe Marina Village (1:12 500)
Lymington River (1:15 000)
Newtown River (1:20 000)
Bembridge Harbour (1:10 000)
Beaulieu River (1:20 000)
Continuation of Beaulieu River (1:20 000)
Cowes Harbour (1:20 000)
Yarmouth Harbour (1:4500)
Wootton Creek (1:20 000)

Imray Chart - C3 Isle of Wight

Imray Chart - C3 Isle of Wight


A passage planning chart ideal for sailing near or around the Isle of Wight.

This chart has been reschemed to better compliment the other folded charts in our Solent chart range (C15, Y33). Coverage has been adjusted to show the full circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight including the south coast passage. Inset plans of the Needles Channel and Bembridge Harbour and approaches are included.

The latest official UKHO data is included, combined with additional information sourced from Imray's network to make it ideal for small craft.

Plans included:

Needles Channel (1:35 000)
Bembridge Harbour & Approaches (1:10 000)

The chart is designed to be used alongside C15 The Solent for combined coastal navigation, approach, and harbour detail in and around the Solent and Isle of Wight.

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