Chart Finder

Chart Finder

There may be a momentary wait while the Admiralty and Imray paper chart boundaries are plotted on the map. Using the tabs below, you can switch between the two different types of charts. Drag your mouse to re-position the map and use the zoom in/out arrows at the bottom right corner of the map to take a closer or wider look, alternatively if you have a mouse wheel simply hold the ctrl tab on your keyboard and this will enable you to zoom in and out with ease when the mouse is positioned over the map. Select a rectangle on the map to see chart details and add it to your basket.

Admiralty Imray

Useful information: Our Chart Finder shows the geographical bondaries of Admiralty standard nautical charts and Imray single charts.  It does not show the boundaries of Admiralty Leisure chart folios (click here) or Imray chart packs and atlases (click here)

Imray charts

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