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RRS Sir David Attenborough

The RRS Sir David Attenborough was docked in Belfast for the first time this week and representatives from Todd Navigation, William Todd (MD) and Paul Esler (GM), went along to pay it a visit.

The vessel, the UK's most advanced polar research ship, owned by the Natural Environmental Research Council and operated by the British Antarctic Survey, has recently been to the Antarctic carrying out trials, testing sea ice and looking at the effects of climate change, all while using nautical charts and publications, as well as digital navigation supplied by Todd Navigation. 

International senior scientific advisers are using the ship as a platform to issue a statement about the urgent need to address the climate crisis. They want to see a concerted drive to develop, and use, the technologies that will keep global temperature rise to a limited 1.5C and underpin the net zero economies of the future. 

These technologies include better ways of creating, storing and using low-emissions, including improving semiconductors, batteries and low-emitting fuel production, as well as work on heating and cooling, and carbon capture and storage.

The vessel was in Belfast to pick up new crew members ahead of carrying out further scientific studies and sea trials around the UK coastline before heading on to Frederikshavn in Denmark. 

We here at Todd Navigation would like to wish the vessel and all its crew safe passage on all its future voyages and the very best in carrying out its vital work to help us all make the World a better place now and for generations to come. 

About Todd Navigation.

We are a worldwide supplier of nautical charts from a variety of publishers including Admiralty, Imray, Navionics and NV Charts.


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