Notification regarding France (SHOM) and Philippines (NAMRIA) Hydrographic Offices

We have received notification from the French Hydrographic Office (SHOM) that with effect from Wednesday 18th March, until further notice, no updates – including Notices To Mariner, SNC New Editions and ENC updates will be made to their products. This is in response to the current issues created by the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. NAVAREA warnings will be used by France to issue the most critical navigational information. As the respective ADMIRALTY services use French data to be kept up to date, our own products which are reliant on that data from France will likewise be affected and will not receive updates. Caution is advised when navigating using these products.

Furthermore, we have also received notification of the following from the Philippines Hydrographic Office, that due to the recent Government imposition of the Enhanced Community Quarantine for the whole island of Luzon, the NAMRIA – Hydrography Branch will stop its regular activities until further notice. Navigational Warnings and monthly Notices to Mariners will still be promulgated in order to ensure safety of navigation. We remain committed to safety and will continue to keep you updated with safety critical information.

Further updates and news will be made available as and when they become available.

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