Scotline newbuild Scot Explorer launched in The Netherlands

Scot Explorer was side launched on Friday 11th October at the Royal Bodewas yard.

Scotline specialise in the transportation of timber products in and out of the UK and Ireland.

Scot Explorer will be a sister to the Scot Carrier except that she will have enclosed bridge wings, in order to make manoeuvring easier.

Todd Navigation are proud to supply Scot Explorer with navigation charts and publications, especially ToddNav PAYS.  PAYS, or Pay-as-you-Sail, enables all ENCs to be active and visible in the vessel's ECDIS at all times, allowing safer passage planning and navigation.

Scot Explorer will also navigate with digital publications from the UK Hydrographic Office - ADP and AENP.  Digital publications allow easy and fast updating and superior search facilities.

Watch the ship being side launched here courtesy of ShipSpotting Nederland

About Todd Navigation.

We are a worldwide supplier of nautical charts from a variety of publishers including Admiralty, Imray, Navionics and NV Charts.


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