ADMIRALTY New Editions Week 05/19

Please find the table below of New Admiralty Charts and Nautical Publications released from the UKHO Week 05/2019.

The table shows you the Chart or Publication product number, the title of the Chart or Publication, the Scale, which is only applicable to Charts, and the page number upon which you will find these Chart numbers in the current Admiralty Chart Catalogue (NP131).

You can find the charts and publications listed below for purchase by clicking here.


Charts & Publications Title Scale 2019 Catalogue Page
New ADMIRALTY Charts Published 31st January 2019
2996 United States – Bahamas – Cuba, Cuba to Bahama Islands including Straits of Florida 1:1,000,000 122, 126
3001 West Indies, Cuba to Puerto Rico 1:1,000,000 122, 124, 126
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 31st January 2019
29 Brazil – South Coast, Porto de Santos 1:25,000 118
587 Brazil – South Coast, Porto de Paranagua and Porto de Antonina. 1:25,000 118

Mexico – West Coast, Puerto Lazaro Cardenas and Approaches.

Puerto Lazaro Cardenas




1190 International Chart Series, England – East Coast, Flamborough Head to Blakeney Point. 1:150,000 26, 32
2166 France – South Coast, Cavalaire-sur-Mer to Rade d’Agay. 1:50,000 42
2170 International Chart Series, France – South Coast, Rade de Toulon. 1:10,000 42

Shetland Islandds, Moul of Eswick to Lunna Holm including Out Skerries.

A Symbister.

B Out Skerries Harbour.






Shetland Islands, Eastern Approaches to Yell Sound, Colgrave Sound and Bluemull Sound.





3298 International Chart Series, Shetland Islands, Yell Sound. 1:30,000 30
3453 China – Taiwan Strait, Jiulongjiang Kou. 1:25,000 80
3836 Malaysia – Sarawak, Kuala Rajang to Kuala Mukah. 1:200,000 70, 72
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Publications Published 31st January 2019
NP83 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume K Western Pacific Ocean, South of the Equator. Including Bismarck, Solomon, Coral and Tasman Seas. 2019/20 Edition. - Updated to Week 51/18 (20/12/18). The 2018/19 Edition of NP83 is cancelled.
NP284 ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals. Meteorological Observation Stations. 2018/19 Edition. - The 2017/18 Edition of NP284 is cancelled.

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