Todd Navigation supply Gregor McGuckin in Golden Globe Jubilee Race

He has never spent more than two weeks by himself and has never crossed an ocean alone, but Gregor McGuckin, who is competing in the Golden Globe Jubilee Race, hopes to become the first Irish sailor to complete a solo non-stop circumnavigation of the World. 

This is a challenge like no other. A solo, non-stop and unassisted race around the World. It is a race steeped in history that celebrates 50 years since Sir Robin Knox Johnston did what everyone thought was impossible, sailing solo, non-stop around the World. This daring race will see the competitors departing France to spend 9 months completely alone at sea racing back to where they began via the Great Capes of the Southern Ocean.

GPS is not allowed in this race, so navigation will be done solely with a compass and sextant, using the sun, stars and moon to pinpoint positions. The boat will be steered by a mechanical wind vane, no electonic auto-pilots are permitted. Weather forecasting will be done using a barometer and what information can be picked up via radio. 

Todd Navigation has supplied Gregor with his navigational requirements to progress all the way through his journey to hopefully a safe and successful finish.

The race offically starts on the 1st July 2018, good luck Gregor!



About Todd Navigation.

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