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Admiralty Print on Demand (POD)

We here at Todd Navigation have had the Admiralty Print on Demand service in place since it's launch a few years ago, and it is a technology that is now really coming to the fore.

It enables us to print Admiralty charts at any time of day to the exact colour, size and scale, as well as being the latest edition and containing the most up-to-date corrections. All chart data is provided by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, so it is just the same charts that we would get directly from them, but this service enables us to print them ourselves when required.

The unique aspect of Print on Demand is that it enables us to provide charts free from creases or folds, so that if you wish to purchase an Admiralty chart for the purposes of framing, laminating or to create a 3D nautical chart, you can do so knowing that you will receive it in a prefect, pristine condition.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do wish to purchase an Admiralty chart for any of the reasons just mentioned above, you can do so by placing the chart/s you require into your basket and during the checkout phase if you make use of the 'Additional Notes' section before payment, just simply state POD Chart/s for framing. We will then know to provide you with any chart free from folds or creases. If you wish to order more than one chart and only one is for framing, just simply state POD Chart for framing and then the chart number.

The majority of Admiralty charts are available to POD, with only a select few not available. I will update this blog entry in the coming days with those charts still not available via POD. If you should have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Todd Navigation.

We are a worldwide supplier of nautical charts from a variety of publishers including Admiralty, Imray, Navionics and NV Charts.


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