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Guidelines on The Ship-Board Odourisation of LPG



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Examples of incidents that were brought to the attention of SIGTTO include: • In 1987, a member of the working group visited a small pressurised LPG carrier in the Far East. While there he had to persuade the ship’s Chief Engineer, dressed in shorts, against decanting odourant from a drum and injecting it into the cargo tank using a semi-rotary pump and plastic hose. • In 1997, a ship owning member of the Society was asked to carry out cargo odourisation using ethyl mercaptan that was supplied by the receiver in 40 gallon (209 litre) drums. The discharge port was in the tropics. After a short time, the drums started to bulge due to the high ambient temperature. The ship’s staff cooled down the drums by using a cool water spray, preventing them from rupturing. • In 1998, the Master of an LPG carrier was asked for permission for terminal staff to board the ship and odourise the cargo during discharge. A senior manager was concerned about the equipment that was to be used and vetoed the operation. The cargo was discharged unodourised.
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