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LNG Shipping Knowledge


Edition3RD 2020
Stock CodeBWITH273

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LNG Shipping Suggested Competency Standards

LNG Shipping Suggested Competency Standards


These suggested standards are useful for all types of LNG carriers, regardless of size. They are relevant to any officer that is involved in the entire LNG cargo cycle operation, including the role of cargo engineer.

It is the responsibility of the owner to decide the appropriate level and type of training required, as part of a formal competence management system. Additional training, not covered by this document, may be required for specific operations or equipment.

Natural Gas by Sea

Natural Gas by Sea

Natural Gas by Sea is a comprehensive look at the history of LNG and how, within a relatively short time span, it became a well-established, highly sophisticated and safe branch of modern marine engineering. The book outlines this development in detail, before going on to cover the legislative processes behind the shipping of LNG, as well as what the future of LNG could look like.
LNG Operational Practice

LNG Operational Practice

This book is written for LNG Officers who require a better understanding of the mechanics and processes involved in operating a modern LNG carrier. The book is laid out with clear diagrams, checklists, guidance and instructions for each of the operations undertaken at each stage of a typical trading cycle for an LNG carrier including: post dry dock, drying of cargo tanks, inerting of cargo tanks, gassing-up the cargo tanks, initial cooldown of cargo tanks, cargo loading, laden voyage, cargo discharge, ballast voyage, ship to ship transfer and preparations for dry dock including warming-up of cargo tanks, inerting of cargo tanks and aeration of cargo tanks.

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