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Imray Chart Atlas - 2140 Rijn and Maas Delta

REF: 2140


Stock Code2140
FormatWire bound atlas. In plastic wallet.

Part of Imray's popular small format chart coverage for the Netherlands, this atlas is a convenient A2 format, wirobound along one edge.

Includes download code for more than 140 digital charts covering all of the Netherlands on the Imray Navigator charts app.

Includes extensive coverage of Nieuwe Waterweg, Nieuwe- and Oude Maas, Brielse Meer, Spui, Noord, Dortsche Kil, Hollandsch Diep, Haringvliet, Volkerak and Grevelingenmeer. Also included are approach charts to the Maas and Haringvliet entrances, and detail of the standing mast routes between Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

1. Rijn and Maas Delta Overview Chart (1:250,000)
2. Approaches to The Maas (1:45,000)
3. Approaches to Haringvliet (1:45,000)
4. Europoort & entrance to Nieuwe Waterweg (1:25,000)
5. Nieuwe Waterweg - Hoek van Holland to Maassluis (1:25,000) includes plans Hoek van Holland (1:10,000) and Maassluis (1:15,000)
6. Brielse Meer (1:15,000) includes plan Brielse Meer - continuation to Zwartewaal (1:15,000)
7. Maassluis to Nieuwe Maas & Oude Maas (1:20,000)
8. Rotterdam (1:20,000)
9. Rotterdam to Alblasserdam (1:20,000)
10. Approaches to Dordrecht (1:20,000)
11. Oude Maas - Hoogvliet to Puttershoek (1:20,000) includes plan Puttershoek (1:10,000)
12. Spui (1:20,000) includes plans Zuidland & Goudswaard (1:10,000) and Nieuw Beijerland (1:10,000)
13. Dortsche Kil to Hollandsch Diep (1:25,000) includes plans Strijensas (1:10,000), Moerdijk (1:10,000) and Noordschans (1:10,000)
14. Haringvliet West (1:30,000) includes plans Hellevoetsluis (1:15,000) and Middelharnis Entrance (1:10,000)
15. Haringvliet East (1:30,000) includes plans Stad aan’t Haringvliet (1:10,000), Den Bommel (1:10,000) and Hitsertse Kade (1:10,000)
16. Hollandsch Diep East & Volkerak (1:30,000) includes plans Willemstad (1:12,500), Dintelsas (1:20,000) and Benedensas (1:15,000)
17. Grevelingenmeer East to Krammersluizen (1:30,000) includes plans Herkingen (1:10,000) and Bruinisse (1:15,000)
18. Grevelingenmeer West (1:30,000) includes plans Scharendijke (1:20,000), Den Osse (1:20,000), Brouwershaven (1:10,000) and Ouddorp (1:10,000)
19. Standing Mast Routes - Rotterdam to Amsterdam (South sheet) (1:50,000)
20. Standing Mast Routes - Rotterdam to Amsterdam (North sheet) (1:50,000) includes plan Amsterdam - Houthaven to Sixhaven (1:22,500)

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