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NV Chart Atlas - Series 9 Skagen to Romo and Limfjord



Stock CodeANVSER9
FormatPaper Chart Atlas and Free App Download
PublisherNV Charts
AuthorNV Charts

NV. Atlas Series 9 Skagen to Romo & Limfjord

Format: Paper Atlas Booklet with Digital download and App

- Passage Charts
- Coastal Charts
- Details
- Digital Maps & Navigation Program
- Harbour Plans Paper & Digital

Watch a video explaining the registration process for the free App which is supplied with each Chart Atlas here.

The NV. Atlas Serie 9 from Skagen to Romo and Limfjord comes as usual as a combination pack and includes 2 overview maps and 58 area maps & details.

This handy combination pack is also perfectly equipped for digital navigation! All maps can be used in the free nv charts app, the app is simply downloaded in the respective Appstore or under www.nv-verlag.de. The electronic maps for the NV.Chart Navigator software are now conveniently downloaded at www.nv-verlag.de.


Passage Charts

C1 Skagen to Thyboron 1: 375,000
C2 Thyboron to Romo 1: 375,000

Coastal Charts

C3 Horns Rev - Esbjerg 1: 130,000
C4A Thyboron Channel 1: 45,000
C4B Esbjerg Approach 1: 50,000
C5 Thyboron - Limfjord West 1: 80,000
C6 Glyngore to Aggersund - Hvalps 1: 80,000
C7A Thisted Bredning 1: 80,000
C7B Lovns Bredning 1: 80,000
C8 Aggersund to Egholm 1: 60,000
C9 Egholm to neck 1: 60,000
C13J Neck Approach 1: 45,000


C7C Virksund 1:7,500
C9A/B Aalborg - Mou Bro 1: 40 / 4,000
C10A-F Doverodde - Thisted - Sundby 1: 2-5,000
Vilsund - Hjarbaek - Skive Marina
C10G-L Esbjerg - Hirtshals - Thorsminde 1: 10-15,000
Hvide Sanden - Hanstholm
C11A-N Lem Vig - Thyboron Havn 1: 3-40.000
Lemvig Marina - Lemvig Havn
Agger - Struer Bugt - Struer Havn
Sillerslev Havn - Jegindo - Veno
Oddesund - Handbjerg - Gyldendal

C12A-L Nykobing - Amtoft - Glyngore - Fur 1: 3-8,000
Ronbjerg - Livo Havn - Logstor
Sundsore - Hvalpsund Fiskerihavn
Ejerslev Havn - Hvalpsund Marina

C13A-H Gjol - Norresundby - Norre Uttrup 1: 3-6,000
Attrup - Haverslev - Nibe
Aalborg Fjordparken
Aalborg Skudehavn - Vestre Badehavn
C13K/L Hals - Egense 1: 5,000

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