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INTERTANKO Guide to Port State Control


Edition3RD 2021
Stock CodeBINT033

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Procedures for Port State Control, 2021

Procedures for Port State Control, 2021


Port State control inspections contribute to ensuring that global maritime standards are being implemented consistently on all ships. This publication provides guidance for port State control officers on the conduct of inspections to support harmonization in the way inspections are carried out worldwide.

This edition includes amendments to the Guidelines for investigations and inspections carried out under MARPOL Annex II (appendix 4), the Guidelines for control of operational requirements (appendix 7) and the Guidelines for port State control under MARPOL Annex VI (appendix 18).

INTERTANKO Guide to LNG Chartering

INTERTANKO Guide to LNG Chartering


This Guide has been developed to provide readers with an overview of the commercial and legal aspects of the carriage of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by sea. Vessel inspections and LNG STS operations are covered in the context of relevant contractual clauses. The book assumes an understanding of oil tanker principles and charterparty terms, but lays out the intricacies of gas chartering to those seeking a deeper understanding of the subject.

This Guide provides practical assistance to commercial teams in the growing LNG shipping markets, at a time when the LNG industry is moving substantially away from its traditional structures and contract matrices. The book deals only with international seaborne carriage of LNG on large vessels. It does not cover small scale LNG or coastal/cabotage movement, nor does it cover floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) or floating LNG production (FLNG) contracts. It is appended with charterparty clauses from ShellLNGTime 1, ShellLNGTime 2 and LNGVOY.

INTERTANKO A Guide to the Vetting Process

INTERTANKO A Guide to the Vetting Process


This guide compiles the latest advice and requirements from energy departments, Port State authorities and INTERTANKO members, to assist with understanding ship inspections and the vetting process, and to help readers comply with vetting requirements.

It contains:

- A general introduction to Port State Control (PSC) and Regional MoUs

- Detailed information on specific MoUs

- An overview of the detention appeal and review process

- A guide to vetting inspections

- Specific vetting company requirements.

Appendices also provide details of IMO requirements, key INTERTANKO and OCIMF-SIRE documents and sample Report of Inspection forms.

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