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NV Kartenkoffer Ostee, Atlas Serie 1, 2, 3, 4



FormatPaper and Digital Chart Atlas with Free App Download
PublisherNV Charts
AuthorNV Charts

NV. Atlas Bundle offer Ostsee, 1, 2, 3, 4

- 17 Passage Charts
- 65 Coastal Charts and Detail Charts
- Harbour Guide in Paper and Digital
- Beacon sectors are displayed accurately
- Main fairways marked with minimum depths
- Aerial views of the German and Danish coasts readable with Chart Navigator Standard / Professional
- NV Charts App Code

The nv charts are characterized by fine contours and easy to distinguish color graduations of the depth lines – red for the 2-meter-line and blue for the 5-m-areas. 

The importance of good graphical representation of the topography when sailing is essential. Well marked rivers, towns and street plans all help to give a clear overall view of the shore side facilities of the islands. In waters soundings and heights are given in meters. Large scale approaches and land contour markings simplify the entrance into anchorages.


Passage Charts:

Overview Card Series 1 1:370,000
S1 Kiel Bay 1:140,000
S15 Mecklenburg Bay 1:150,000
S16 Mon Southeast 1:150,000
S22 Hano Bay 1:260,000
S23 Sund South 1:140,000
S24 Klintholm to Bornholm 1:220,000
S25 Bornholm 1:140,000
Overview Card Series 3 1:520,000
Skagerrak 1:500,000
S30 Kattegat South 1:180,000
S31 Kattegat Center 1:180,000
S32 Kattegat North 1:180,000
Overview Card Series 4 1: 370,000
S25 Bornholm 1: 140,000
S45 Hiddensee to Swinoujscie 1: 240,000
S46 Rugen to Bornholm 1: 240,000

Estuary Charts

S2 Kiel Fjord 1:40,000
S3 Kiel Bay South-West 1:80,000
S4 Flensburg Fjord 1:80,000
S5 Little Belt South 1:80,000
S6 Little Belt Middle 1:80,000
S7 Little Belt North 1:80,000
S8 Nord Funen 1:80,000
S9 Great Belt North 1:80,000
S10 Great Belt Middle 1:80,000
S11 Great Belt South 1:80,000
S12 South Funen 1:80,000
Tug 1 + 2 1:35,000
NOK Kiel Canal 1 + 2 (5 maps) 1:55,000
S13 Fehmarn 1:80,000
S14 Lubeck Bay 1: 80,000
S17 Smalandsfahrwasser West 1:80,000
S18 Smalandsfahrwasser Ost 1:80,000
P19 Gronsund 1:60,000
S19A Guldborg Sund 1:60,000
S20 Fakse Bay 1:60,000
S21 Sund Center 1:80,000
S26 Sund North 1:80,000
S27 Roskilde Fjord North 1:40,000
S27A Roskilde Fjord South 1:40,000
S28 Samso Belt 1:100,000
S28A Isefjord 1:60,000
S29 Aarhus Bay 1:100,000
S34A Mariager Fjord 1:55,000
S34B Randers Fjord 1:55,000
S36 The Bodden South of Zingst 1:60,000
S37 Strelasund Nord 1:60,000
S38 Hiddensee to Jasmund 1:60,000
S39 Strelasund South 1:40,000
S40 Greifswalder Bodden West 1:60,000
S41 Greifswalder Bodden East 1:60,000
S42 Peenestrom South 1:60,000
S43 Szczecin Lagoon 1:80,000
S45A Arkona to Landtief 1:100.000

Detailed maps

S3A Eckernforde Bay
S4A Inner Flensburg Fjord 1:35,000
S5A Haderslev Fjord and Controls
S6A Alssund & Augustenborgfjord 1:25,000
S7A Snævringen & Kolding Fjord 1:40,000
S9A Controls Nyborg . Korshavn . Korsor
S10A Odense Fjord 1:40,000
S11A Nakskov Fjord 1:40,000
S12A Svendborgsund 1:15.000
S13A Fehmarnsund 1:30.000
S14A The Trave Estuary 1:17,000
S16A Wismar Bay 1:41,000
S17A Ports of Rostock, Gedser Anst. 1:20,000
S18A Controls 1:20,000
S20A Salzhaff 1:41,000
S21A The Subravel 1:15,000
S22A Copenhagen 1: 40,000
S33A Driving Frederikshavn 1:40,000
S33B Control Neck 1:45,000
S35A North Drive Sound 1:65,000
S35B Hallands Vadero 1:40,000
S39A Stralsund 1:40,000
S41A Ruden to Wolgast 1:40,000
S43A Dievenow (Dziwna) 1:30,000
S44 The Oder to Szczecin-Nord 1:30,000
S44A The Oder to Szczecin-South 1:30,000

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