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ADMIRALTY Leisure Folio - SC5608 Bristol Channel

REF: SC5608


Stock CodeSC5608
FormatPaper Charts in plastic wallet

This folio contains a full set of 20 nautical charts/sheets. The channel extends from the lower estuary of the River Severn, with the upper limit of the channel lying between Sand Point, Somerset and Lavernock Point. We stock only the latest editions of Admiralty Leisure Folios - this folio is in its 6th edition and was published by Admiralty on 24th November 2016.

This folio contains the following charts/sheets:

  • Hartland Point to Worms Head (150,000)
  • Saint Anne's Head, Padstow, Hartland Point, Meachard
    • Plan A: Saint Ann's Head to Padstow (150,000)
    • Plan B: Hartland Point to Meachard (75,000)
    • Plan C: Meachard to Padstow (75,000)
  • Oxwich Point and Ilfracombe to Bridgwater Bay (150,000)
  • Ilfracombe, Hartland Point, Lundy
    • Plan A: Ilfracombe to Hartland Point (75,000)
    • Plan B: Lundy (25,000)
  • Barnstaple, Bideford, Padstow, Ilfracombe
    • Plan A: Barnstaple and Bideford (25,000)
    • Plan B: Padstow (25,000)
    • Plan C: Ilfracombe (12,500)
  • Mumbles to Worms Head and Capstone Point (75,000)
  • Burry Inlet (25,000)
  • Swansea Bay (25,000)
  • River Neath, Barry, Lynmouth, Porlock, Minehead, Watchet
    • Plan A: River Neath (25,000)
    • Plan B: Barry (20,000)
    • Plan C: Lynmouth (20,000)
    • Plan D: Porlock (20,000)
    • Plan E: Minehead (20,000)
    • Plan F: Watchet (20,000)
  • Breaksea Point to Copperas Rock (75,000)
  • Scarweather Sands to North Kenfig Patches (25,000)
  • Nash Point to Porthcawl (25,000)
  • Barry to Watchet (50,000)
  • Barry to Stert Point (50,000)
  • East Usk to Lavernock Point and Birnbeck Island (40,000)
  • Portishead Point, East Usk, Avonmouth
    • Plan A: Portishead Point to East Usk and St Thomas's Head (40,000)
    • Plan B: Avonmouth to Portishead Point (40,000)
  • Cardiff, Barry
    •  Plan A: Approaches to Cardiff and Barry (25,000)
    • Plan B: Cardiff (12,500)
  • Severn Bridge, Avonmouth, Newport
    • Plan A: Severn Bridge to Avonmouth (25,000)
    • Plan B: Newport (20,000)
  • Avonmouth, Sea Mills Creek, Cumberland Basin, Bristol City Docks
    • Plan A: Avonmouth Bridge to Sea Mills Creek (10,000)
    • Plan B: Sea Mills Creek to Cumberland Basin (10,000)
    • Plan C: Bristol City Docks (5,000)
  • King Road including River Avon to Avonmouth Bridge (10,000)
  • Sharpness Docks, Severn Bridge
    • Plans A & B: Sharpness to Severn Bridge (25,000)
    • Plan C: Sharpness Docks (10,000)

Approved by the MCA for meeting paper chart carriage requirements in UK waters for Fishing and MCA Code Vessels under 24m in length.

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