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ADMIRALTY Chart - 1606 Thames Estuary, Fisherman's Gat to Princes Channel


Stock CodeAC1606
FormatPaper Chart
Admiralty Catalogue of charts in North West Europe

NP109 shows the distribution of charts in NW Europe

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Crossing the Thames Estuary

Crossing the Thames Estuary


The Thames Estuary is a complex and challenging area with narrow channels, shoal waters, determined tides and shifting sands, plus busy shipping traffic, three major ports and six wind farms in and around it. But its waters are also fascinating, interesting and have a wide selection of destinations to enjoy. This book describes 60 safe, viable and feasible routes between the Kent, Essex and Suffolk rivers for safe passage and wholly new time-planning tables which are now simplified with significantly additional and readily available information. The third edition retains all the popular features describing and illustrating each sector of each route, with waypoints and ‘rolling road’ diagrams, providing information and advice about potential or permanent hazards, the implications for the tide and guidance about shipping routes and anchorages.

It includes new and unique passage planning tables which are simple, accurate and quick to use. Readers can select the most appropriate start time and will instantly see predicted arrival time so as to have sufficient time to continue up river to an ultimate destination.

Options are offered for every 30 minutes of the day, whatever the day. The tables not only provide the best predicted start time – for the quickest passage duration - for each route at 4, 5, 6 or 7 knots boat speed, but display alternative passage durations, whatever the tide. Tables provide easier access and a much broader basis of information than in earlier editions, presented alongside more detailed chartlets and a new portrait format book.

Sailors benefit from swatchways in the Estuary which shorten time and distance for many passages. However, as they’re liable to move or change as sands shift, the author endeavours to survey several critical swatchways, monitors and provides illustrated Notices to Mariners weekly and receives reports from readers. Any significant changes or downloads are reported by updates on the website ( or by email ( to readers on the ‘Readers’ Update’ list.

ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions - NP28 Dover Strait Pilot

ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions - NP28 Dover Strait Pilot


ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions, Dover Strait Pilot, Thirteenth Edition, 2020. Covers the South-East Coast of England from Bognor Regis to Southwold and North-West Coast of Europe from Cap d'Antifer to Scheveningen. Updated to Week 24/20 (11/06/20). First updates in NM Week 36/20. This edition supersedes NP28 (Twelfth Edition year 2017) which is cancelled. Republished at approximately 2 yearly intervals.

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