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Marine Safety Card - Entry into Enclosed Spaces

Marine Safety Card - Entry into Enclosed Spaces


Essential for safety during entry into enclosed spaces, this card outlines types of enclosed spaces and the general precautions that should be taken before, during and after entering them. It also features a helpful step-by-step Safety Check List; clearly marked sections list checks that need to be performed before entry into an enclosed space and the card’s wipe-clean finish makes it easy to reuse each time these checks are completed.

An enclosed space is one that has limited openings for entry and exit, has inadequate ventilation and is neither designed nor safe for continuous worker occupation. The atmosphere in any enclosed space may contain toxic or flammable gases or vapours, or be deficient in oxygen, to the extent that it may endanger the life or health of any person entering that space. As such, an awareness of potential risks is necessary for all spaces on board ship. If any doubt, any such space should be regarded as dangerous and appropriate action taken.

Cargo spaces, double bottoms, fuel tanks, ballast tanks, cargo pump rooms, cargo compressor rooms, cofferdams, chain lockers, void spaces, duct keels, inter-barrier spaces, boilers, engine crankcases, engine scavenge air receivers, CO2 rooms, battery lockers, sewage tanks and adjacent spaces or entrance lobbies may all be considered enclosed spaces and are potentially

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