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We sell the Davis Mark 15 and Mark 25 sextants, and the Astra IIIB aluminium sextant by Celestaire.

James Turner of Yachting Monthly comments on these models:

Davis Mk 15: "This plastic sextant has been by my instrument of choice on quite a few ocean passages. First of the two "Master" sextants in the Davis range, this is a split-view model, with clear glass on the left of the screen and a mirror on the right. The arm has a locking mechanism that you overcome by squeezing a trigger and it has an easy to read micrometer/vernier"

Davis Mk 25: "The flagship Mk25 is outwardly the same construction as the Mk15, but with the following difference. The 'all-view' mirror (which Davis calls the Beam Converger) gives a full-width horizon with the heavenly body superimposed on it, so there's no left and right side. Many people find this easier to use than a 'split-view' mirror. There's also an LED light to illuminate the scale, making star sights in low light much easier. As with the Mk15, the Mk25 is very comfortable to use, with a chunky handle with positive grip.  They are both lighter than metal sextants, but with all the accuracy you need".

Astra IIIB with 'all-view mirror: "This aluminium sextant has the full-size and features of more expensive sextants whilst retaining the price of lower specification models, which gives it a very appealing combination of features and price.  There's a light on the arc for star sights. I have to say it looks like a lot of sextant for the money. It comes in a solid wooden box".

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