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Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms as used on Norwegian Charts

Symbols, Abbreviations and Terms as used on Norwegian Charts


This publication illustrates and describes the symbols and abbreviations as used on Norwegian Hydrographic Service paper charts.

This publication is an inventory of symbols and abbreviations used in Norwegian as well as in international nautical charts (INT-charts).

Symbols and Abbrevations on Norwegian Maritime Charts is prepared according to the guidelines recommended by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). The chart symbols are numbered according to «Chart Specifications of the IHO» (International Hydrographic Organization), which came into force at the XIIth International Hydrographic Conference 1982 in Monaco.

The publication is revised and issued as required.

Norwegian maritime charts contain mostly international symbols, but there are still some special Norwegian symbols appearing in some hardcopy maritime charts. In these cases the Norwegian chart symbol is compared to the corresponding international chart symbol

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