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Norway Pilot - Oslo to North Cape and Svalbard

Norway Pilot - Oslo to North Cape and Svalbard


The well-established cruising guide covers the coast of Norway northwards from the Swedish border in the Skagerrak arounf the North Cape to the Russian border. It includes coverage of the Lofoten and Vesteralen islands, the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard and the remote volcanic island of Jan Mayen. 

Author Judy Lomax continues to sail this beguiling coastline of majestic fjords and multiple islands and uses her extensive network of contacts, built up over more than 30 years, to help monitor changes in the region. 

This fourth edition incorporates numerous updates to her previous work and expands on the detail for some areas such as the Oslo Fjord and the Telemark Canal. There is a wealth of new photographs and revised Imray plans throughout. 

Whether you are on a private vessel or one of the many ships cruising this stunningly beautiful region, Norway is a trusted and proven companion. 

"Any yachtsman even contemplating a visit to this loveliest of cruising areas could be considered negligent if he did not buy this book". - RHR Cruising

"...The author finds it difficult to avoid superlatives when talking about Norwegian scenery. I find it equally difficult to avoid superlatives when talking about this book. I am impressed. Also most Norwegians may learn a lot of facts from this excellent book. This will remain a classic, and will come in new editions in the forseeable future..." Customer feedback 

"For anyone sailing in Norwegian waters this book is an absolute must. It is the perfect example of a truly excellent pilot from which practically nothing can be found missing." Christine Holroyd, Cruising Association magazine.

Arctic and Northern Waters

Arctic and Northern Waters


This handbook from the RCC Pilotage Foundation, covers the Northwest and Northeast Passages through the Arctic Ocean as well as Faroe, Iceland and Greenland. Incorporating information collected on a number of voyages over recent years this work is an impressive resource which brings together experience and background data on a region that is not only in the news but increasingly accessible to cruising yachts.

Arctic and Northern Waters is in the same style as other PF pilots and is a practical cockpit reference as well as a source of inspiration for planning. This second edition contains revisions and additional information, some of which was previously published in the annual supplement. There are new photographs and harbour plans.

'Thank you very much for this invaluable reference work! It's astonishing the amount of information in it - I wish that everyone who is going to the areas covered would have a copy of it! The extent of the work that went into it is amazing.' Peter Semotiuk - Northwest Passage 'guru'

'All the information required for Arctic navigation is here in one volume. A comprehensive and exceptionally well presented and illustrated book.' - OCC Flying Fish Magazine

'For armchair voyagers, it's a compelling volume that takes the reader into waters that few will travel, for those who go there this is essential reading.' - Irish Cruising Club Magazine

Of the first edition, 'The reviewer cannot recommend this volume strongly enough to anyone intending to venture to these waters.' - John Andrews, Cruising Association Magazine

Ice Navigation in Canadian Waters

Ice Navigation in Canadian Waters


Ice Navigation in Canadian Waters is published by the Canadian Coast Guard in collaboration with Transport Canada Marine Safety, the Canadian Ice Service of Environment Canada and the Canadian Hydrographic Service of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The publication is intended to assist ships operating in ice in all Canadian waters, including the Arctic. This document will provide Masters and watchkeeping crew of vessels transiting Canadian ice-covered waters with the necessary understanding of the regulations, shipping support services, hazards and navigation techniques in ice. Chapter 1, Icebreaking and Shipping Support Services, pertains to operational considerations, such as communications and reporting requirements as well as ice advisories and icebreaker support within Canadian waters. Chapter 2, Regulations and Guidelines provides a summary of information on regulations and guidelines for vessels transiting ice covered waters. Chapter 3, Ice Climatology and Environmental Conditions covers information on the Canadian ice and weather environment. Chapter 4, Navigation in Ice Covered Waters, is instructional in nature, with information provided to help familiarise inexperienced personnel with passage planning, navigation procedures in ice, vessel performance in ice, and other essential operating procedures. Chapter 5, Ship Design and Construction for Ice Operations provides the mariner with basic information on engineering, hull and auxiliary systems for vessels operating in ice

High Latitude Sailing

High Latitude Sailing


Sailing in cold waters is challenging, but hugely rewarding. And when you venture into the high latitudes you find yourself in some of the world's last real wildernesses. In recent years climate change has made these regions more accessible to small boats, and it is now possible to venture further afield in search of adventure.

With practical advice, stunning photography and first-hand accounts of voyages from world-renowned experts, this book offers hard-won wisdom on all aspects of sailing in cold waters:

- Preparing yourself: good routines, assessing risk and preparing your crew - Preparing your boat: design, heating, engine, steering, anchors and electrics - Sailing in ice: instrumentation, charts, and what to do when you get stuck - Safety: MOB, polar bears, glaciers and dinghy procedure - Communication: VHF, satellite and SSB - Weather: interpreting GRIB files and reading ice charts - Anchoring and mooring: types and numbers of anchors and mooring lines - Clothes: hiking and skiwear; the three-layer principle - Cruising areas: Svalbard, Antarctica, South Georgia and many more

Whether it's tackling the North-West Passage aboard your own yacht or a more modest voyage, heading to Antarctica or keeping your boat in the water for the quieter and often more beautiful winter season, this book is essential reading for all sailors preparing for enjoyable and safe sailing in cold waters.

Tidal Atlas For Faroes - Tidal Current around the Faroe Islands

Tidal Atlas For Faroes - Tidal Current around the Faroe Islands

This tidal stream atlas illustrates the tidal stream currents around the Faroe Islands. It's nickname is the 'Red Scare Book' because the dangerous tidal streams are shown in a red colour. Languages used in the booklet are Faroe and English.

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