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Doctor On Board: Guide To Dealing

Doctor On Board: Guide To Dealing

Whether close to shore or out of the sight of land, a medical emergency often has to be dealt with swiftly in order to minimise problems or even save life. This book shows the medical novice exactly how to tackle a wide variety of medical situations that might arise, with the help of diagnosis advice and detailed step by step photos. Written specifically for the layman, each procedure is shown in detail and described in non-medical language. This book is an essential on-board guide.
First Aid Afloat

First Aid Afloat

Aimed athe novice first-aider, this book is intended to be used at the time of the accident or illness. Each topic is designed to be read at a glance: the language is kept short and simple and, where appropiate, photo sequences show exactly what to do. Straightforward, advice allows you to take control of the situation, stabilise the casualty and provide the appropiate treatment at sea. Topics covered range from bleeding, burns and bites to fractures, hypothermia and resuscitation. This is an essential guide for all who go afloat.
First Aid Companion

First Aid Companion


This concise book covers most of the first aid emergencies you will come across afloat, including drowning, unconsciousness, external bleeding, immersion, hypothermia and more.

This little companion is laminated to stand up to frequent use and serves as a helpful aide-memoire that will fit into your jacket pocket.

First Aid Manual

First Aid Manual


- Fully authorised first aid guide, this book is used as the official training manual for the UK's leading first aid organisations' courses, St John Ambulance, St Andrew’s First Aid and the British Red Cross

- This new edition features guidance on first aid in pandemic conditions, what to do in a terrorist incident, the latest guidelines on resuscitation, and delivering first aid for a mental health crisis

- Illustrations have been redrawn in the simplest, clearest style to focus on the vital information

- Find out how to treat over 100 different conditions from splinters and sprained ankles to unresponsive casualties, and how to use essential equipment

- Step-by-step photography, all shot in-situ to reflect real-life issues, shows you what to do in any emergency

- Covers all aspects of first aid, including first aid for babies and children

- Learn how to manage a situation safely and how to assess a sick or injured person effectively

- Easy-to-understand anatomy sections explain the risks involved with particular injuries or conditions and how and why first aid can help

Reeds Cooking at Sea Handbook

Reeds Cooking at Sea Handbook


Getting breakfast, lunch and dinner from tins quickly becomes boring, but it is relatively easy to prepare and cook interesting, varied and delicious meals with the minimum of space, equipment and - most importantly - hassle.

This handy pocket-sized reference book is packed with invaluable advice for feeding a hungry crew for a weekend, a week, a month or even a long-term cruise or ocean passage. A third of the book contains simple but delicious recipe ideas, but most of the book is packed with tips, tricks and guidance from someone who learnt all the secrets (and the pitfalls) during a 2-year cruise with only a single paraffin burner.

The book covers: cooking whilst underway; cooking in harbour; food storage tips; how to equip or modify the galley for weekend or long-term cruising; how to provision and plan for coastal cruises or ocean passages; preparing freshly caught fish; baking bread aboard; using a pressure cooker; speed cooking; different foods available in different climates; and much, much more.

Keeping food interesting is important, and this colourful aide-memoire makes cooking at sea simpler, safer and more enjoyable for all aboard.

First Aid at Sea

First Aid at Sea


Fully updated 8th edition of this easy-to-access instant guide to emergency first aid for all seafarers.

This essential guide to first aid afloat is an essential part of any on-board medical kit. Its waterproof ring-bound pages, colour-coded tabs and clear layout make it easy to use in an emergency.

This revised new edition has been updated with latest medical practice, including information relating to Covid-19, expanded information on treating burns, a new section on diving accidents, and updates to advice on certain illnesses and first aid kit contents. Clear, easy-to-follow illustrations make it ideal for crew members with limited training in first aid.

Key features include:

· Concise descriptions of each medical condition

· Prioritised lists of treatments

· Ringbinding to make the pages easy to turn and enable the book to lie flat

· Waterproofed pages to withstand use at sea

· A colour-coded thumb index to emergencies for quick reference

· Covers all the medical emergencies likely to be encountered at sea

· Fully updated in line with current guidelines and best practice

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