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Adlard Coles Pocket Logbook

Adlard Coles Pocket Logbook

This is a handy-sized logbook, ideal for slipping in the pocket on deck to jot down the essential facts whilst underway. In a convenient spiral binding with neat rounded corners and a splashproof cover, both skippers and crew will find it perfect for noting down the essential information on passage prior to transferring it in expanded form to the main logbook at a later point. This is a well designed, practical logbook for on-deck use. Sailors and motorboaters alike will welcome its arrival.
The Weymouth Yacht Log Book

The Weymouth Yacht Log Book

Half the fun in keeping a Log Book has been lost through filling in unnecessary columns. Here this modern book gives simple requirements for any small sail and/or power vessel, and at the same time fulfills the requisite wants of the navigator, giving them an interesting volume to look back on. On the right-hand page there are columns for such important things as Course, Wind, Barometer, Patent Log, etc., along with Latitude and Longitude, A.M., Noon and P.M. there is space for such information as Motor Run, Fuel Consumption, Fuel Received, on Hand, etc. The Log Book is in no way complicated and the left-hand pages are all left blank for Crew and Visitors’ details, Daily Notes and sketches, photographs, etc. The inclusion of Signaling, Compass Information, Beaufort Wind Scale, etc., on the inside covers will prove very handy. This is the ideal Yachtsman’s Log Book at last.
Logbook For GPS Navigation

Logbook For GPS Navigation

A compact cruising logbook specifically desgined for GPS Navigation and perfect for us eon small chart tables. With space for passage planning, position plotting, narrative and notes.
Waterproof Notebook Pocket-Sized

Waterproof Notebook Pocket-Sized

This waterproof notebook is ideal for sailing, canoeing, diving, hiking, orienteering and is even useful on the golf course! If you write with a pencil or chinagraph the pages can be re-used. It is spiral bound to be flat and small enough to fit in your pocket.
Navigator's Log Book

Navigator's Log Book

50 loose-leaf pages in a strong PVC cover, ring bound for easy refill.
Navigator's Log Book (Refill)

Navigator's Log Book (Refill)

50 loose-leaf page, hole punched refill pad for an Imray Navigator's Log Book.
Yacht Log Book

Yacht Log Book


This yacht logbook has been designed for the coastal cruising yachtsman, with headings for time, log reading, wind direction, barometric pressure, local tide times and tidal flows. The book is stitched and bound with a red vinyl cover and gold motifs. Dimensions; 240mm x 178mm

It includes pages for:

Statistics of vessel, serial numbers of equipment, spare part numbers, the compass rose, a compass deviation card, the UK Shipping Forecast areas chart and list, Beaufort wind scale, International Code of signals, International Buoyage System (A), list of crew and visitors, Waypoints list.  An excellent, quality logbook in our opinion.

Powerboat Logook G20

Powerboat Logook G20

The RYA's own logbook providing ample space for logging miles and recording boat information.
Wet Notes Pad ZW13

Wet Notes Pad ZW13

Handy, pocket-sized, waterproof notebook. Lined on every other page. Extremely useful afloat or ashore.
RYA Sail and Power Logbook G109

RYA Sail and Power Logbook G109


The RYA Sail and Power Logbook combines the previous RYA Sail and Power logbooks into one incredibly useful volume that is ideal for all cruising boaters. This new logbook contains 90 logging pages and the bonus sections include: IALA buoyage, international code flags, plotting essentials (which incorporates dead reckoning and estimated position) and common abbreviations for nautical terms.

Unique to the RYA, these logging pages also include space to enter the weather forecast at the time of voyage.

This new logbook has been designed to reflect more of the cruiser's needs than ever before, with the page layouts as follows:

4: Introduction
5: IALA Buoyage
6: Code flags
7: Plotting Essentials
8–9: Distance Sailed in a Given Time
10–11: Distance Covered in a Given Time (Motor)
12: Beaufort Scale
13: Common Abbreviations (delete Deviation)
14–15: Example pages
16–105: Log pages (Date box at top; Columns: Time, Course, Log, Distance, Leeway, Barometer, Wind, Cloud, Precipitation, Position, Engine (Oil/Temperature/RPM), Remarks; Forecast and crew box; Route box; Passage Totals/Running Totals/Engine Hours/Fuel box)
106–109: Waypoints
110–111: Routes
112–113: Service Data and Service Notes
114–117: Engine log
118–121: Equipment list
122–123: Season Summary
124–125: Name/Address/Telephone
126–127: Notes

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