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Middy Parallel Rule 400mm

Middy Parallel Rule 400mm


Middy Instructional - Bar Parallel Rule 400mm

Budget version of the Captain Fields' Pattern Parallel Rule
Excellent buy for use in the classroom
Manufactured from 6mm acrylic 
Incorporates rigid aluminium links

Parallel Rules 600mm Capt Field's Pattern

Parallel Rules 600mm Capt Field's Pattern


Captain Fields' Pattern - Bar Parallel Rule 600mm

Divided with protractor markings (double reading) and compass points
Manufactured from high quality 6mm acrylic
Bevelled on all four edges with solid brass links
All other metallic parts are manufactured from non-corrosive materials
Rubber pads are fitted to the underside to prevent slipping

Chart Pencil Compass, 8 inch, Brass

Chart Pencil Compass, 8 inch, Brass


This is a quality 8 inch chart pencil compass made in India of solid brass.  It does not include a pencil, which is sold separately.  Chart pencil compasses are useful for drawing ranges on paper charts.

This extra-long solid brass pencil compass is perfect for the professional navigator using large paper charts.

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